Catering in Lower Manhattan (FiDi)

We are all familiar with food delivery, whether it be GrubHub/Seamless or just placing a phone order for deliveries. However, is it possible to place an order large enough for a party or an event? Well, in order for that to happen, the given restaurant needs to have enough manpower and inventory to meet the demands of these orders. That is what we call food catering!

Here in New York, we can expect many many people to order catering for many reasons. Reasons including birthday parties, retirement parties, weddings, holiday events, and more. I noticed that with many restaurants in NYC, that even if their food is generally pretty good and consistent, the catering fails to maintain the same quality. You can imagine how this would work, usually the same dishes are made in bulk, meaning the quality and time spent on each dish would diminish.

I have spent several years in the Financial District, NYC and while always keeping my eyes and ears open for new and quality food, I found Chopping Block on 41 John St. They are new restaurant in the area bringing to the neighborhood some quality options. The first thing you’ll notice in this restaurant is the sandwiches and salad options. These are their main products. Whenever I think sandwich, I think deli, diner, or Subways. This restaurant definitely redefined the sandwich by using high quality, fresh, slow roast meats (such as the Roast Beef, aka Roast Beast or the slow roast Brisket Rubenesque). Not only are the meats very different from what we’re used to having in a sandwich, they use fresh ciabatta bread, and strategically use an assortment of fresh ingredients including spices. With each bite, you get layers of different flavors, which is a very exhilarating experience whether you are a foodie or not.

Anyway, I have been ordering takeout for them and occasionally would sit down and eat in their restaurant. The restaurant itself is very spacious, and comfortable to be in. They play hip music, and the decor/setup is very hip as well. It’s almost as if the restaurant moved from Williamsburg into FiDi, but this restaurant began in the Financial District.

Every Christmas Eve, we would have a little party in the office before we left. I called up Chopping Block to see if they were able to do catering for us and to my surprise, they said yes! They linked me to their food catering menu and to my surprise, not only did they offer the entrees, sandwiches/salads that are normally on their menu, but they offer some other stuff that is only available for catering orders!

We ended up ordering mostly sandwiches, a salad platter, some sides, and coffee. The billing and communication was very easy with them, I was able to view an invoice online and pay the bill online. The food came promptly and was hot. The best feat of all is that the quality of the food was the same as individual orders and was delicious!

So I’ve come to the conclusion, if you’re ever looking for catering companies NYC or sandwich catering NYC, look no further than the Chopping Block!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Fuego Sandwich Chopping Block 41 John St NY NY 10038


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